Datalogic QuickScan QW2500

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Attractively priced 2D scanner for retail

  • Omni-directional 2D handheld scanner
  • Captures all common 1D, 2D, postal and Digimarc barcodes in retail
  • Uses Datalogic‘s »Green Spot« good scan confirmation and Motionix movement technology
  • Dust- and water-proof according to IP52, impact-resistant from 1.5 m
  • Broad range of stands and accessories
The attractively priced model QuickScan QW2500 feels right at home in the 2500 family from Datalogic. As an omni-directional 2D scanner, it provides all the important features for simple use in retail. It is lightweight and affordable, without compromising on quality and performance.
Thanks to Datalogic’s »Green Spot« good scan feedback and Motionix movement technology, the QuickScan QW2500 enhances the user’s productivity. Its increased efficiency for quickly capturing barcodes, independent of their condition (hard-to-read, poorly printed or damaged, digital from mobile phones and tablets or through plexiglass) also makes it a sustainable investment. Plus, the QuickScan QW2500 is characterized by its unmistakable design of Datalogic handheld scanners and offers reliable USB connectivity. Optionally it is equipped with a variety of stands, holders and accessories from the QuickScan family, so that it optimally adapts to nearly any working condition.
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