Elo Touch Solutions I-Series

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Top-priced interactive signage systems

  • Stylish all-in-one systems for interactive sales support
  • Available in three sizes: with a 10'', 15'' and 22'' touchscreen
  • Processor: Intel Quad-Core (Windows), Octa-Core or Hexa-Core (Android)
  • Wireless operation possible, thanks to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Android or Windows OS
The I-Series from Elo Touch Solutions makes in-shop advertising interactive. The systems feature an integrated PC and a stylish touchscreen. Thanks to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth you integrate the compact IDS systems into every sales environment, and manage them comfortably using cloud-based EloView software. This saves you from having to retrofit sales areas with cables. Three available sizes (10'', 15'' and 22’’) offer you plenty of space for the most varying applications in retail.
Featuring a powerful processor (model-dependent), 4 GB RAM (Android) and 32 GB (Value devices) or 64 GB flash memory (Standard) or up to 8 GB RAM (Windows) and 128 GB SSD (Windows), the I-Series is well equipped to also handle processor-intensive multi-media applications. Thanks to the integrated touch unit the systems actively integrate customers into the sales process: for example, without the requirement of additional sales space you have the possibility of presenting goods which are not on display. The integrated front HD webcam, stereo speakers and the connection options for barcode scanners, magnetic stripe readers, etc. expand the touch systems’ areas of usage to include many opportunities for interactive customer contact.
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