Dose of Design & Tech #03

Dose of Design & Tech #03

Hi friends 👋,

Welcome to another dose of design and tech in the hospitality and retail world. 

Ok, let’s get to it.

Will the hotel receptionist work from home one day? Things are changing quite fast in the industry, especially with the gain of the popularity of online check-in, self-check-in, identity verification, smart lock technology, mobile ordering and guest apps. Live virtual receptionist exists in so many other industries so why not hospitality? At least, staff would be happy to be offered some “remote” jobs too…

Your hospitality business sucks. Long hours, shifts, salary, and bad customer service are just a few examples of why people and especially the young generation won’t want to join the industry. Already 80% of hospitality school students in Europe only stay an average of 1.4 years in the industry after graduating. Do you know what’s funny? The number of times I heard managers criticizing EHL, Vatel, Les Roches, and Glion students for being arrogant in dreaming of being GMs after a few years in the industry. It’s normal guys! Do you think they are thinking about being Chef de rang for the next 10 years of their life? Obviously not! I put together some rules so that your hospitality business does not s*ck.

A truly wild tug of war over employees. “We’ll give you €200 to switch companies!” but also “If you switch you’re fired!”.

5 media you cannot live without if you work in hospitality! Le Fooding, Code, Eater, C’est Meilleur Quand C’est Bon, Hospitality Horror.

New branding for L.A. Times Food! Love it. The truth is that I never read it before. Housewife secret recipes or Culinary intellectual?

Hospitality & Freelance. Many of us have decided to jump into the world of freelance or consulting and if you did not know, there is a curated directory of hospitality consultants called Bond Connect if you are interested to find freelance or contract work in the hospitality industry.

Pizza Dough. A brand photography concept for a dissident pizza company that is just mind-blowing. Client: Sitko Pizza. Agency: Wekrklig

Bellboy. If you are familiar with Fatboy, you are going to love Bellboy. I would just put some everywhere in my hotel, lobby, and rooms!

Mobile Ordering. I believe that the solution can be a vibe killer. My friend Alex, owner of the “Chez Geppetto” would laugh at me if I was suggesting this in his restaurant. The guy is a showman, the whole experience of going to his restaurant is a show! But mobile ordering just makes sense in airports, hotel room service, and QSRs. “Experience” is a niche industry so mobile ordering won’t be going away anytime soon.

Alex, Owner of “chez Geppetto” - Nice, France