Dose of Design & Tech #05

Dose of Design & Tech #05

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Should Hospitality take a stand against tipping mania? It feels like tipping has just become too much. It’s gotten out of hand. Tipping is no longer just a socioeconomic and ethical issue about the livelihoods of service workers. Why don’t you increase your base salary? It has also become a tech problem rapidly spiralling out of control. You could also argue that tipping has a racist, classist and sexist history, and creates severe wage fluctuations and disparities according to Optimism brewing.

  • Tipping creates unfair disparities

  • Tipping has a classist and racist history

  • Tipping is sexist

  • Customers don’t like tipping

  • Tips do not fix poor service

  • Tipping fosters competition between co-workers

  • Studies have shown, tips do not ensure or encourage good service.

New York Times - Top Tip or Not to Tip Illustration


George & Willy believe that signage is more than something people have on or outside their stores. Signage creates a feeling. A promising sign will introduce your space in the right way. Because we all know first impressions count.

Inspiring Spaces in campus, school and classroom. I never thought of it that way, but does the education industry part of the hospitality industry? Or should it be? — What is Hospitality? “The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.” Right? Is it not the way we should treat and educate our future generation of human beings? That’s exactly what Kurani is helping create inspiring spaces to increase collaboration with “arcades and decide to replace classrooms with “micro-environments”. By the way, their blog is fantastic.

Stacked Home is a team of real estate specialists in Singapore. They recently launched an online store with incredible products that will give your venue or property a trendy look like Ace Hotel.

Monga’s new look for a Bondi Beach villa company Jet Flamingo has a “coolness” to it. A logo referencing 1950s and 60s airlines is just a small part of an entire identity inspired by the “laid-back coolness” of the era, says Monga.

Design and technology join forces to the benefit of sustainable progress. This concept is synonymous with saving water and optimising space. Its innovative system filters the wash-basin water so it can be reused in the toilet. A unique, distinct and original design that brings elegance and sustainability to the bathroom. This product's innovative technology is totally sustainable. W+W by Roca.

Nando’s new ad is a fun look at its brand experience. While it’s packed with cameos from the worlds of football, music and social media, this new ad’s real star is Nando’s. Directed by Jonathan Entwistle, creator and director of the Netflix hit series The End Of The F***ing World, the spot focuses on the character of Eddie, who tells his mates about a fun night out in Nando’s.

The underdog challenging McDonald’s and Wall Street. Everytable is helping its employees accumulate wealth through one of the most common paths to business ownership: franchising. But most importantly, offering everyone the opportunity to eat healthy food at an affordable price.

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