Dose of Design & Tech #06

Dose of Design & Tech #06

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Welcome to another dose of design and tech in the hospitality and retail world. 

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Biometric Citizens. International air arrivals are expected to reach 1.8on passengers in 2030 (Source UNWTO). The desire for multiple citizenships is increasingly for security and peace of mind amid continuing social and political upheaval. Soon, any physical form of ID will be superseded, as biometric data unique to each person will unlock access to countries, providing seamless travel and security between locations.

Tree trunks animate the facade of demountable Forest Bath housing in Eindhoven. The design is inspired by the Japanese practice shinrin-yoku, in which you immerse yourself in the forest, taking in nature using all your senses to calm your body and mind," said GAAGA.

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The travel industry is being shaken up as consumers search for more transformational travel experiences. With loneliness on the rise, Connecting Clubs are becoming more and more popular, creating more meaningful relationships between members. Empowered Travel will redress the cultural imbalance in the travel and hospitality industry. The Ace Hotel Shoreditch in London was perfectly representing this new consumer needs.

Kinetic art, maybe a new way to bring a motion to your lobby. Felipe Pantone’s work pushes to expand the boundaries of kinetic art, and this collection lives somewhere at the intersection of technology and fine art. Each manipulatable artwork and painting pays homage to the digital age we live in a while furthering the artist’s explorative body of metaphysical art.


Tandem™️ is a hassle-free retrofit to existing bathrooms that offers guests an on-demand wellness experience. They are on a mission to make wellness more accessible throughout your customers' hotel journeys.

The Roofts of Bali by Jonas Hafner

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Danish studio BIG and 3D-construction firm ICON are designing a desert campground and housing project called El Cosmico for hotelier Liz Lambert, in Marfa, Texas. Learn about BIG & ICON.

Holograms at the Front Desk Replace Real People at Aiden by Best Western. The first hologram system, made by the startup Holoconnects, was installed last month in the new Aiden hotel in Herning, Denmark. BWH Hotel Group owns the Aiden brand, and CIC is the operator. After walking through the front door and past a motion detector, the guest is greeted with a pre-recorded hologram video that’s projected into a Holobox, the hologram box that is over 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide and contains a touchscreen that’s 86 inches tall. What about a real receptionist working remotely instead of a pre-recorded hologram?


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