Dose of Design & Tech #07

Dose of Design & Tech #07

Hi friends 👋,

Welcome to another dose of design and tech in the hospitality and retail world. 

Ok, let’s get to it.

☼ Food & Drink Futures. Macrotrend - Adaptive Appetites. As inflation and supply chain fragility send food and drink prices soaring, consumers and companies are adapting rapidly – embracing frugality, innovation and indulgence to navigate this uncertain landscape. Strategic Implications: With the cost of living crisis hitting consumer wallets and multiple global factors affecting supply chains, food and drink brands will need to embrace innovation and adaptability to thrive in 2023 and beyond.

☼ Not Your Average School Lockers. Three years after the pandemic, we continue to see new, innovative solutions for shifting the typical office space towards hybrid working environments. The latest comes from Pair, an office brand based in San Francisco, which is addressing both storage and workstation needs in the hybrid office.

☼ Key figures Booking 2022. “Like every year for 7 years now, I offer you an extraction of the key figures from the ogre Booking. We note that the pandemic is a memory and that the figures have exceeded those of reference pre-Covid, 2019. It is more precisely Booking Holding, the parent company of Booking ” - Tomas Yung

☼ Brilliant launch video from TenderFix™ by Noah Schnapp. Another MrBeast viral food business?

☼ Woodio develops toilets made from wood chips. Finnish design company Woodio has created a toilet, where everything from the seat to the bowl is formed from a wood composite that reportedly generates 99 per cent fewer emissions in its production than ceramics.

Lightship’s electric travel trailers allow you to visit new corners of the world while doing your part to preserve it.

The ÄNG Collection: Where Japanese Minimalism Meets Scandinavian Sensibilities. Imagine a bespoke collection of timeless, inherently beautiful furniture pieces inspired by shared Japanese and Scandinavian values, made specifically for a Michelin-starred restaurant located in one of Sweden’s largest vineyards.

☼ This minimal Japanese folding knife can be hooked onto the edge of a plate. The number one aid you need in having an effortless process is an arsenal of great kitchen tools. And a pretty cool kitchen tool or more accurately tableware I came across is the Oku Knife.

5 Factors That Determine a 🔥 Hotel or Restaurant Spot. Have a strong take, Belong to an already hot restaurant group, and Serve the celebs (even the bad ones)! Don’t forget the vibe and be consistent but also evolve.