Dose of Design & Tech #08 😎

Dose of Design & Tech #08 😎

Hi friends 👋,

Welcome to another dose of design and tech in the hospitality and retail world. 

Ok, let’s get to it.

The entry of the first Parisian palace into the web3. Le Bristol Paris first steps into the Web3 - a private club where secrets are kept and mysteries unfold, where timeless excellence and disruptive new technology meet. Congrats to their team for the audacity and desire to be innovative. However, if you are not so new to NFTs, you will quickly notice the lack of substantial benefits and a disjoined offering. I am pretty sure I could get these benefits by calling my Amex concierge…

☼ Designers Philip Bogaerts and René Vullings created the Mono pod to be flexible and mobile with a design that folds down in three steps. Perfect for a pop-up co-working space when your venue is not busy.

Incredible. This is a brand.

The French Center for Culinary Innovation (CFIC). As a French person but also a culinary school alumni, I am so proud to discover the CFIC with the great Chef Thierry MARX. The CFIC is not recent, it opened its doors in 2013 but I just happened to learn about it in a Brut video on Facebook. So what are they doing exactly? Big kids playing with food. Yes, 100% true. But they are also searching for new ways to make the restaurant industry more sustainable because as we all know, margins are small, especially for independent. Making egg useless in a chocolate mousse or a Mayonnaise, Or not using porc but vegetable peeling to create gelatin…etc. Interesting no?

Jetlag. Developed by world-renowned scientists. Used by astronauts, elite athletes, and top CEOs. A poetic way of looking at it someone once shared with me is you’ve travelled far and your soul hasn’t caught up to your body. And that latency doesn't feel great! Learn more

Pick Your Weapon. “I just wanted to try some glass and refractions, but I ended up getting this video game's UI weapon selection”. - victor from I am thinking of so many use cases but the first to come to my mind is obviously bars with mobile ordering that can display videos per item like Sunday, Flipdish…etc.

This coworking desk uses an old-fashioned crank to morph into a ping-pong table. I always love the multifunctional features of a furniture piece. When two ends of life, work, and play meet – it creates a balanced work setup. Idea & Concept by herraizsoto&co.

The Travelers Cheque Edition. Imagine that it’s the 20th century and you are going on an exotic trip abroad. Steamships and jetliners opened up international travel to millions, but in the days before globally accepted credit cards and worldwide financial networks, how would you pay for hotels, restaurants, and expenses without carrying wads of cash that would make you vulnerable to loss or theft? Let’s have a look at this amazing product and ad campaign from way back!