Dose of Design & Tech #11 😄

Dose of Design & Tech #11 😄

Hi friends 👋,

Welcome to another dose of design and tech in the hospitality and retail world. 

Ok, let’s get to it.

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1/9 - Chonky and cosy chair cubicle make for a grand lobby and cafe. We often underestimate the importance of a great chair. When in reality we really shouldn’t, especially in lobbies or cafes. BOB is developing a new offspring in BOB Solo that can be kept close by or left free to roam about independently. Two comfortably padded screens enclose the cubicle's lush seatings and complimentary armrests. Learn more

2/9 - New identity for the 'street side bar' brand YumBun. The studio started working with YumBun founder and CEO Lisa Meyer on the project in November last year. Meyer, who is half Japanese and half Swiss, briefed How&How to reposition YumBun's strategy, visual and verbal brand, and create a new website based around the "fusion of East meets West present in the bao buns," says How.

3/9 - Uniting nomadic lifestyles with modern-day living. Encapsulating the lifestyles of nomadic communities and uniting this with the needs of modern-day living, Berlin-based Ulises Design Studio depicts the caravans with multiple levels complete with amenities such as bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and even rooftop terraces to enjoy the outdoors.

4/9 - The restaurant business model is dying. Already low profits are disappearing as labour costs, food costs and rent go up. It’s harder than ever for talented people to build great food businesses without diluting their products for ghost kitchens and delivery apps. Learn more

5/9 - Hackers are targeting hospitality businesses for polluting. They want people to feel truly comfortable while travelling. At the back of every traveller’s mind is this slight anxiety that you forgot to repack something. They don’t think that should ever overshadow the amazing experience of seeing and living in a new place. Learn more

6/9 - Plant doctor! Lobby, restaurant, hotel, co-working space. I discovered Green embassy in Portugal this week and they are creating a healthier, happier and + more productive environment with plants. Learn more

7/9 - This personal workstation retracts and unfolds while working from outside! Working from home sometimes really means working from anywhere we want. Some of us prefer a quiet coffee shop with WiFi, maybe a library or public workspace like WeWork. The rest of us will work just fine beneath a tree in a park. Industrial designer Matan Rechter developed Shelly, a personal outdoor workspace, to create some privacy and shade for the workdays we spend outdoors. Learn more

8/9 - Assouline’s Candle Collection Is Armchair Travel at Its Finest. The brand is doubling down on its efforts to help accessorise every mid-century modern living room with a range of candles that correspond to those famous hardbacks. Learn more

9/9 - Uber Eats is currently delivering scaled-down servings of popular dishes - petite pizza to nanoscopic naan bread, and even dinky donuts - from ‘The Quantum Cafe’ to mark Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania streaming on Disney+. Learn more