You might have missed in tech #12

You might have missed in tech #12

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🥣 Uber's ex-founder, with recent ventures like CloudKitchen and Otter is now behind Lab37. The bowl builder. Imagine a giant kitchen making Chipotle bowls super fast without staff.

💳 Worried about leaving your credit card in a bar's plastic box to open a tab? Fear not! Rooam, an awesome app, keeps your card safe while you enjoy your drink.

🍲 Here's our favourite online reservation system for restaurants in 2023. Unlike Hotels, direct booking is still the prefered choice for bookers.

📱 Bouncepad has the most beautiful tablet kiosks & stands for retail and F&B and cannot stop recommending it.

🧾 New all-in-one smart desktop terminal Sunmi T3 Pro is a gift from the sky. We have daily requests for Sunmi products and even some waitlists. Have a look.

🍹 This is the coolest concept I’ve seen in a while. It’s called SCAV, basically every Saturday at 5pm everyone gets a notification via WhatsApp of venues that have ridiculous tabs up for grabs think fancy bars and restaurants everything paid for. What’s the deal? First person there, gets it. Your digital SCAVcard sits in your Apple/Google wallet and automatically pushes you the secret code word when you’re in the immediate vicinity of the venue.

🕶️ Optimizing recommendation engines, also known as 'Dark Social,' is on the rise, given that Google is no longer the sole venue for discovering places. Learn more about ultra-curated apps like Onezone or leverage influencer platforms like Hemblem, Appetite, or Joli.

🦾 Over 3,500 sales-qualified leads for robotics in hospitality. It’s crazy. Goodbytz for any dishes, Miso for frying french fried and flipping burgers, Makr Shkr for cocktails or even to replace Baristas.

😋 Mr Yum has recently merged with Me&U. And the website talk more about CRM and email marketing now...Have they shifted focus from online and mobile ordering due to a slowdown in mobile ordering interest?

🔪 Do you have 100k followers and want to open a food business? What do you do? Go to the bank and start a business plan? ahaha. No, no. Speak to virtual brand platforms like GrowthKitchen, NextBite or Future Goods.

🐦 After Eater, then Resy, Ben Leventhal is launching

Waitlist or virtual queueing seems to be in high demand lately. Dojo App and NextMe are making a killing right now.

🐍 Our ultimate software guide 2023 is coming soon. Share your favourite softwares in our Slack community.

Thanks. That's it for today. Next week, we will talk about AI and computer vision in hospitality. We sounds some crazy things, stay tuned.