You might have missed in tech #13

You might have missed in tech #13


AI tools evoke excitement and concern, particularly in the face of job insecurity and pervasive computer vision surveillance and control but consider the current state of the hospitality and retail industry. Countless Facebook groups lament the challenges of working in these industries—low pay, long hours, and a culture that demands endurance. How do you attract the next generation of workers with this narrative? You can't. To inspire them, create an environment that breeds pride, not one that prompts them to turn to weird influencer gigs or OnlyFans. To be a company that minimises food waste, adapts to asymmetrical communication with customers, and builds a sustainable business with automation, embrace AI tools tailored for hospitality and retail. Instead of succumbing to victimhood, pave the way for innovation and compassion.

Here's some of the AI tools we love!

Satis.AI employs AI to enhance kitchen operations by optimising labor, refining processes, and minimising order errors.

Tastewise supports food business owners with AI-driven insights into digital marketing, sales strategies, and evolving consumer trends.

Winnow reduces food waste in operations by providing digital tools that offer data-driven insights to improve kitchen production processes.

Arcane serves as an AI-powered co-pilot for modern marketers, aiding them with advanced tools and technologies.

Fynt unifies organisational data to enable autonomous decision-making in operations, finance planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Presto offers the restaurant industry's widely adopted drive-thru voice assistant, leveraging powerful AI with advanced human supervision.

Dragontail Systems utilises a patented AI food preparation quality camera, dispatching system, and drone delivery for efficient order prioritisation and delivery.

Precitaste optimises ingredient preparation and order fulfilment in kitchens through AI, streamlining the "Mise-en-place" process.

Inpulse revolutionises inventory management and supplier ordering for restaurant chains with its AI platform.

OfOne is an AI-powered drive-thru system that helps restaurant operators reduce labor costs, maximise revenue, and enhance customer experiences.

LineUp AI is an intelligent tool for employee schedule management, communication, and labor analysis.

Haddock digitises invoices and delivery notes, providing real-time insights into price variations for better financial management. optimises daily pricing and revenue management tasks through AI-driven solutions.

That's it for today. We will be back next year. 

Much love, Eva, Ruben and Romain.