You might have missed in tech #14

You might have missed in tech #14

We're back, on fire, and more dedicated than ever to scouting products for our amazing community of 50,000 hospitality and retail businesses. This newsletter is our heart, keeping us focused on trends and providing tools for your success. 2023 was fantastic, and as we embark on our second year together, here's wishing you the very best for you, your family, friends, and your business. Cheers to a thriving 2024!



Magic Stamp gives you access to mobile loyalty cards from your favourite places, all in one app!

Evoko takes workplace management to a new level. Their flexible and fully integrated solutions allow you to achieve complete workplace coordination.

Truebird is bringing its Robot-Barista Coffee to the world.

Play darts like you've never played before. With automatic scoring and unique games, Dartsee transcends the darts-experience.

Vestaboard reimagines the design of split-flap displays, offering a wonderfully mechanical display for various applications.

Trigo is a computer vision startup reshaping the retail experience. Self-checkout app, tap and kiosk for stores.

Bevi, bottleless water dispenser for offices and commercial spaces. hydrate happy™

Loop provides a sustainable solution to single-use disposable waste, adopted by major fast-food chains like Burger King and McDonald's to reduce environmental impact.


Nuu revolutionizes digital menus for food and drink businesses, prioritizing design over tech features to reflect brand imagination.

Increase orders, engage with customers, drive reviews & boost loyalty. Automate & measure your marketing with Boostly.

Bento is a beautiful link in bio tool, but rich and beautiful to increase order, reservation, ticket sell conversation.

Folio3 is an AI Agency for restaurant and computer vision AI Models for food waste and operations optimisation.

Easol is the all-in-one platform to sell experiences.

Emocional prioritises the emotional well-being of teams and increase their productivity, with the help of our AI.

Opsyte is an awesome set of management tools for the hospitality industry.

Humaans is the HR platform for modern teams.

Harri is the employee experience platform built for frontline workers.

Opus is a training platform for frontline workers, focusing on developing skills related to allergy safety, food management, and sexual harassment prevention

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Much love, Eva, Ruben and Romain.