You might have missed in tech #15

You might have missed in tech #15


When we launched our business, our aim was to generate content that we actually enjoy reading... However, we were intent on avoiding the typical low-quality content designed solely for SEO or spamming people. Instead, we aspired to create something we genuinely appreciate: short, concise, and rich with inspiration. This newsletter is the manifestation of that goal, and we are grateful that so many of you now enjoy it. Your positive response is truly a blessing for us, and we extend our sincere thanks!

Here are the things we're currently loving:

🎥 Big fan of this cinematic effect for restaurant and shop social content. It’s much more relaxing than using aggressive content.

📰 “I’m looking to buy an Apple laptop and some new Nike trainers. I go to their website. What these brands DON’T do is kick me off to a third-party like Amazon to make the purchase.” Check out, JP Then, CEO of Slerp, Co-founder of Crosstown latest post about hospitality and retail brand owning the customer experience.

🍷 Wine cellar management application. Easily control your wine cellar from the Vinotag application.

🕴️ Streamline your hospitality operations and improve your bottom line with Edify. Say goodbye to outdated processes and switch to a modern solution designed for businesses of all sizes.

🍲 Indicater offers E-Procurement, Recipe, Menu, Allergen, and Calorie Management, Finance, Profit, and Margin Management, and Stock.

🧾 Revolut has acquired a POS called Nobly POS to boost their payment hardware for small and medium-sized businesses.

🃏 Finally, an some beautiful acrylic, plastic, and aluminum effect QR Codes for tables by Wisk-it.

🖨️ We found the idea of Komando pretty amazing. What if you could print newsletters on your POS printers for your clients? So they can disconnect a bit from their phone.

🥕 Eataly, Bon Marche, Wholefood Market, and now Erewhon Market! These places are a heaven for foodies, but their digital offering is by far the best. Imagine a mix between Soho House and Wholefood Market. You then have Erewhon Market.

🍗 Imagine running a business like Pollos Hermanos from Breaking Bad; well, you've got to be equipped with software with a ton of features, so check IDS Next.

💸 Your pay when you need it. Waiting for payday when you need cash for something that’s popped up can be stressful, especially when you work in the hospitality industry. But there is an app to help with that called Before Pay.

🎤 Vox AI is a valuable member of your team, providing precise customer order capturing with its human-like voice.

🏴󠁡󠁥󠁡󠁪󠁿 Foodics offers comprehensive restaurant operations and financial management solutions, allowing restaurateurs to easily manage and expand their business, no matter where they are located in MENA.

🌶️ I got to say, I am a big fan of Nando’s sauce and have bought some a few times. It’s a bit commercial now, and I would rather buy it from a more independent place than a random chef trying to sell. That’s exactly what the founder of DEPOP is building. Check Delli market to buy products from independent chefs and foodies.

📱 We are a big fan of this new POS for fast food called Fastfood OS. These guys are going to be big! Plus, they use one of our favorites, Sunmi.

🐔 Building a food brand is quite hard. Often, overcomplicated, outdated style, and branding might not be a priority at all. But that’s the part we love the most—the brand. Here’s one brand guideline that we love and can be a good template: Le Coq Frit Brand Guideline.

🤩 Superb is another really cool POS, Reservation, Gift cards, takeaway solutions for small businesses.

🫥 Kill the queue horror. Waitwhile has helped companies like Best Buy, Louis Vuitton, IKEA, and many others make waiting in line a thing of the past

💬 Boostly provides text marketing & feedback tools to restaurants that work seamlessly with their POS & online ordering.

🪑 Discover the new retail furniture collection from Found & AppearHere, now available for weekly or monthly rental. Arrange convenient delivery and collection any day of the week.

That's it for today. We will be back soon.

Much love, Eva, Ruben and Romain.