You might have missed in Tech #16

You might have missed in Tech #16


🛡️ Stay safe and have fun with Cupdom, reducing the risk of being drugged without consent.

🍽️ supports independent restaurants against predatory fees and loss of customer relationships.

👀 Skeat offers cutting-edge web-app and QR codes for an enhanced digital customer experience

🥒 Thick Pickle—selling pickles in style. Check out the most beautiful and insane website of the year!

💡 Flowcode, an Ecommerce and retail QR provider for instant conversions and real-time data, trusted by celebrities like Kim K's.

🇫🇷 Discover our new favorite French POS: CarréPOS.

🍔 Exciting collaboration between One Piece & Burger King. Perfect timing!

🔄 Smooth queuing experience at El Corte Ingles thanks to Qmatic. Well done!

🔍 Interested in beacons? Check out Estimote.

🍳 Elevate your restaurant game with UK experts from Egg soldiers.

📸 Enhance your product and menu shots for hospitality and retail with our tips.

🍰 Meet Patiss3, the 3D printing robot ready to bake your next cake.

🚀 Boost your marketing with QR code games from Kadow Club.

💡 No brainer for virtual restaurant startups—optimize and grow with our cool virtual brands,

🟠 Delightable: The rising Guest Relationship Management platform,

📊 Stay ahead with TheDelivery.World's insights on food service and delivery trends.

🌴 Let's bring some Miami vibe to city centers!

That's it for today. We will be back soon.

Much love, Eva, Ruben and Romain.