You might have missed in tech #18

You might have missed in tech #18


🇫🇷 Top Tech Startups at Food Hotel Tech Paris 2024

Other discoveries around the world this week 👇

Hospitality Management

🎵 Waved: Elevates guest experiences in the hospitality sector by curating personalized ambiance through its platform, akin to having a virtual DJ in every room. Waved

🍽️ Joombo: Empowers restaurants to excel in customer service and gain online visibility, fostering success for both businesses and employees. Joombo

💳 Qlub: Offers a seamless payment solution for restaurants, ensuring a beautiful and hassle-free billing experience with custom-designed cards. Qlub

🛒 Munu: Serves as a comprehensive Point of Sale system for Norwegian businesses, integrating booking, webshop, inventory, and more. Munu

Sustainable Solutions

🌱 ClickEat: Pioneers sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics, prioritizing both performance and functionality in its innovative products. ClickEat

Tech Solutions for Business

☁️ CyPad: Part of the ParentPay Group, offers a comprehensive cloud-based kitchen and meal management system tailored for caterers. CyPad

🚀 Kurve: Empowers businesses with self-service technology, enhancing revenue streams and streamlining operations.Kurve

💼 OpenPantry: Provides efficient wholesale ordering systems for businesses seeking streamlined procurement processes.OpenPantry

🏨 HotelGest: Revolutionizes hotel management with its dynamic and flexible cloud-based Property Management System (PMS), putting businesses on autopilot. HotelGest

Management and Optimization

📈 Reclaimit: Secures its position as a market leader in return and warranty management in the Nordic region, driving rapid growth within the SaaS industry.Reclaimit

💰 Highest Season: Unlocks revenue growth and commercial optimization strategies, maximizing the potential of hotels worldwide. Highest Season

⏱️ Nivimu: Streamlines HR management, helping businesses achieve greater efficiency in their operations. Nivimu

🗣️ Soundhound AI: Delivers exceptional voice experiences through its advanced Voice AI products, enhancing interaction and engagement. Soundhound AI

Specialized Tools and Services

🔬 Difluid R2 Extracty: Boasts precision like no other, with a refractometer accuracy of ±0.02%. Difluid R2 Extracty

💳 Payhawk: Trusted by Gaucho and State of Play, provides a global spend management solution for businesses. Payhawk

🎮 Devour: Offers a gamified loyalty platform with community competitions, tokenized promotions, and more, enhancing customer engagement for businesses.Devour

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