Longlife thermal rolls

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Thermal printouts that last for 10 years

  • Thermal rolls for long-term demands
  • 10 years guaranteed storage
  • High-quality brand paper
  • Epson certified
If you need long-lasting thermal printouts, use longlife thermal paper, e.g for warranty documents. Even exhibitors can be held liable for the durability of their receipts, so this special paper with a 10-year guaranteed shelf life solves this problem easily and efficiently. Of course, these rolls are also made exclusively of high-quality brand paper, which is certified for use with Epson printers. Therefore you can be certain that the printhead and mechanics of the printer are spared and no warranty problems will arise.
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    Receipt roll, thermal paper, 80mm, longlife

    Receipt roll, thermal paper, roll-width: 80mm, core: 12mm, diameter: 85mm, length: 96m, longlife (up to 10 years), Epson-certified, free of Bisphenol, free of Bisphenol A, free of Bisphenol S. Packaging unit: 32 pieces

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