Star CB-2002

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Compact cash drawer with front opening for a variety of uses

  • Versatile cash drawer for all PC POS systems
  • Robust cash drawer with long-life steel ball bearings
  • 8 coin compartments, 4 banknote compartments, 1 cheque compartment
  • Colour-coordinated with the ultra white, black & grey Star receipt printer models
  • 3-position lock for locking or manual emergency opening of the cash drawer
The Star series of cash drawers was specially created for connection to Star printers, as well as with other manufacturers' available POS printers. The hard-wearing standard model CB-2002 is a compact cash drawer with front opening, for a variety of uses in POS and shop environments.
This model boasts high reliability and tested properties, meaning many years of smooth, uninterrupted operation. A mere 410 x 415 x 114 mm in size, it comprises eight coin cups and 4 flat note clips. The design guarantees more ergonomic handling, and proper separation of the cash stock, even during busy times. An integrated cheque compartment may even be filled with receipts, vouchers or cheques when the drawer is closed. And don't forget safety: the steel plate cash drawer comes equipped with a 3-position lock; a switch ensures emergency access. Via the standard cash drawer connection, you connect this drawer with all current Star POS printers, as well as other standard POS printers.
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