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Powerful all-purpose handheld scanner

  • 2D handheld scanner with a high-performance CMOS sensor
  • Even captures folded, wrinkled and distorted barcodes
  • Clear scan feedback: indicator light, buzzer and vibration
  • Anti-slip coating on the handle prevents falls
  • Optional: 2D handheld scanner base for hands-free scanning (presentation mode)
The SUNMI U2 is a reliable handheld 2D scanner for retail. It features a powerful CMOS sensor, white backlighting for focusing and brightening poorly lit environments, and an extremely fast image decoding algorithm. This way, it even reliably and quickly captures coloured, folded, wrinkled or distorted 1D/2D barcodes - both printed on paper and from a screen. Afterwards, the clear triple scan feedback, consisting of an indicator light, a buzzer and, depending on requirements, a vibration alarm, provides more security. The buzzer is ideal for noisy work areas.
To ensure that the top performance of the U2 remains fully accessible at any time and from anywhere, it is equipped with a USB-A interface and is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and Linux. For safe, convenient handling, it has a compact footprint of only 160 x 95 x 71 mm (W x H x D) and an anti-slip coating on the handle. Should the scanner slip out of your hand anyway, it is impact-resistant from up to 1.2 m. It also withstands operating temperatures ranging from -10 to 50 °C or storage temperatures between -40 and 70 °C without any problems. Non-condensing humidity of 5 to 95 percent also does not affect it.

SUNMI also offers an optional 2D hand scanner base for the U2. As soon as the hand scanner is inserted into the base, it automatically switches to presentation mode. This allows barcodes to be scanned hands-free, so the scanner may be used for self-checkout, among other things.
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    SUNMI U2

    U2, 2D, kit (USB), black

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