Expert Partner Program

Grow broader. Grow bigger. Grow better.

The Service Partner Program is designed for hospitality and retails customer-centric agencies, service providers, and other sellers of hospitality and retail services.

Are you a good fit?

  • Consulting on business, technology, sales, marketing, or customer service strategy.

  • Tech implementation that handles POS, PMS, systems integrations, or IT services.

  • Hands-on services in hospitality, F&B and Retail

Our vision

Our approach to software operations differs significantly from traditional commission-based models. At Wisk-it, we do not levy commissions on leads generated through various channels, such as our software pages, post-purchase survey, comparison tool, and live chat support.

Our primary objective is to facilitate connections between hospitality and retail software buyers and consulting firms like yours. Consequently, any commission that may apply ultimately benefits your organization. Furthermore, this connection with potential customers begins well before any commission becomes relevant.

Clients frequently seek software recommendations in addition to their hardware requirements. Depending on their business type and location, we typically introduce them to your services, allowing you to initiate valuable relationships with them.

This aligns with our vision of maximising lead generation for consulting firms in exchange for their support in purchasing or recommending our hardware products.

It's worth noting that our core business model primarily focuses on hardware, leveraging negotiated rates with pre-sold volume. We remain committed to offering software and hospitality consulting services, such as yours, preferred rates for your customers.